Renault Clio Rally RSR is new rally car with 1330cm3 engine, high performance and low-cost maintenance. You can find more information in the Renault Clio Rally RSR presentation or we can answer your questions.

Technical specification:
Engine: Renault HR13 – Turbocharged 1.3 Tce – 4 Cyl., 1330cm3
Max. Engine Speed: 6500 rpm
Max. Power: 180 BHP
Gearbox : Sadev ST82, 5-speed sequential + Reverse, Lever selector
Differential: ZF Limited Slip Differential
Clutch : Sachs
Chassis: Renault Clio R.S. Line, steel monocoque chassis, with welded safety rollcage
Front axle : Pseudo Mc Pherson
Rear axle : H Axle
Suspensions : Bos non-adjustable shock absorbers
Wheels : 6.5 x16 (Tarmac) / 6 x15 (Gravel)
Tyres : Michelin
Fuel tank : FT3 (FIA homologated)
Weight (unladen) : 1 080 Kg (FIA Regulation)
Price: approx. 42 000€ + tax (2019)