We have been the distributor of Speedline Corse since 2005. We supply new wheels for rally, gravel, autocross, spor and street use.

Speedline Flowforming - is a unique solution to a common problem – how to make a wheel both light and strong. Speedline’s flowforming method is unique within the wheel production industry, and patented.

Speedline Corse wheels

  • We provide consulting, ordering and delivery of racing wheels for rally circuits, offroad, raid competition and hillclimbing
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Speedline Corse

The Speedline Group was founded in 1976, beginning as a small artisan company specialised in the manufacture of racing car wheels. The very first wheels produced were for Ferrari’s Formula 1 team, a World championship title following very quickly. Speedline’s motorsport heritage has no equal. Speedline wheels have carried leading teams and drivers to no less than 82 FIA sanctioned World Championship titles including Formula 1, World Rally Championship, Sports Prototype, Rally Raid and World Rallycross.

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Speedline Corse Type 2120

Speedline Corse 2120 (Flowforming)

  • Size: 6.5x15, 6.5x16, 7x16, 7x17, 8x17, 9x17, 8x18, 8.5x18, 9x18, 10x18, 11x18, 12x18, 13x18
  • Use: circuit, asphalt, street, rallycross
  • Barvy: white, silver, gold, anthracite a mat black
Iconic tarmac wheel, flowformed for precision, strength and lightweight while retaining high impact resistance and stiffness. Recommend for Subaru Impreza, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo,...

Speedline Corse 2118

Speedline Corse 2118

  • Size: 6x15, 7x15
  • Use: gravel, snow/ice, street
  • Color: white, gold a silver
Professional gravel wheel design, durable and attractive. Used by rally teams worldwide, and supplied as original equipment by many rally car manufacturers. .

Speedline Corse Type 2118 ice

Speedline Corse 2118 ice

  • Size: 5.5x16
  • Use: ice, snow
  • Color: white
Specialist wheel for use on snow and ice rally stages. Designed for use with both studded and non studded winter rally tyres

Speedline Corse Type 2128

Speedline Corse 2128

  • Size: 6.5x15
  • Use: gravel
  • Color: white, gold
Extra heavy duty construction for the most challenging terrain, especially suited to fitment of reinforced gravel tyres.

Speedline Corse Type 2108

Speedline Corse 2108

  • Size: 6x14, 6,5x15, 7x16
  • Use: asphalt, street, circuit
  • Color: white
Simple, effective and functional design. Great caliper clearance.

Speedline Corse Type SL 676

Speedline Corse SL676 (2012)

  • Size: 6.5x16, 7.25x16
  • Use: asphalt, circuit
  • Color: white
Modern classic style, especially suited when unusual caliper clearance to the spoke is required.

Speedline Corse Type SL 434

Speedline Corse SL434

  • Size: 6.75x15
  • Use: asphalt, circuit, street
  • Color: white, silver
Historic style, forever linked to the Peugeot 205 and only available for classic PTS applications

Speedline Corse Type SL 675

Speedline Corse SL675

  • Size: 6.5x15
  • Use: street
  • Color: white, silver
Highly recognised Speedline classic design, associated with Renault Sport but available also for other classic French cars of the period

Speedline Corse Type 2148

Speedline Corse 2148

  • Size: 8x13, 10x13
  • Use: circuit, formula
  • Color: silver
Single seat race car application, designed to be lightweight and cost effective for race car manufacturer original equipment

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